Jun 16

Entrepreneurial approach to building a cultural legacy

When it comes to discussing links between commerce and culture, sponsorship is the first – and often only – thing that comes to mind for many people.

But there’s so much more to go at, and our Elevenses session with the double act of John and Martha Godber emerged as a remarkable and high value case study.

Knowing John as we do round here, as being Mr Culture for all these years, we’ve heard various bits and bobs about him. What the interview did was pull those strands together in a way that I haven’t heard before.

He’s a name-dropper extraordinaire – referencing Brookside, Mark Addy, Danny Boyle, Game of Thrones and more with the ease you would expect from such a great storyteller.

The thread which emerged was how fortunate we are that he decided to come here and stay here. Bringing the theatre to working class people and saving the theatre by putting on plays with two or three actors are two massive innovations for the industry.

And then there’s Martha, a twentysomething already making a big impact as an actor and conscious of the need to send the elevator back down for everybody else.

Martha’s input was so much more refreshing compared to listening two old blokes talking! To hear Martha speak about how The Godber Theatre Foundation is supporting young creatives and giving back the privilege that she had is very uplifting.

As soon as you get in discussion with Martha you get the impression that she understands she is in a family business, they know their responsibilities and they are dedicated to this place called Hull and to building a legacy.

Between them they demonstrate that an entrepreneurial approach is essential in their industry. Have a listen to their thoughts on exploring the creative potential of the people of Hull and East Yorkshire in theatres and on radio, TV and even the big screen.