A Message from Paul

‘I never would have thought I’d have my own website!

How pretentious is that?

My excuse is that it’s for all of the stuff I now do outside of the Sewell Group, and hence to stop bothering the good folk now running the company.

If anybody is in the slightest interested, that’s lovely.

I’ve spent my life creating and growing businesses, and trying to help business people and entrepreneurs, so if there’s anything here that captures that well I’m happy!

If anyone can learn from my legion of mistakes and failures, I’m even happier.

We should all do stuff that makes us happy; in my book this is not only fundamental to success, but defines it.’

“I was brought up in a family business”

“No matter how big Sewell gets I want to retain that feel and values and approach. In my opinion “Mittlestand” companies like ours are a bedrock of economic growth, innovation and customer service.”

“Working outside the business not only gives something back to the communities we serve but gives a better perspective on how to do that. However, nothing beats working with our super talented and
passionate teams within Sewell.”

– Dr Paul Sewell OBE